Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Easter morning tradition that I grew up with is waking up early in the morning and finding your Easter basket out in the backyard. We have kept to this tradition since Dano and I got married so that is how our Easter morning started. Navy thought it was the greatest thing ever that the Easter bunny left us baskets. She found hers in the bushes. After we all found our baskets we went inside to open them. Dano got me some awesome stuff and of course the kids loved their presents and candy. Dano opened his and acted as though he liked his stuff. Later I got it out of him that the Michael Jackson greatest hits CD I got him he already had. I also got him a book I thought he would like. I heard it was really funny. He read a little bit of it and turns out there was profanity in almost every sentence. Oops!! 

That was the beginning of a lovely Easter morning turning to crapsville.

The night before Easter I started making rolls I was assigned for Easter dinner. It was a new recipe that I'd never tried. In all honesty, I've never made rolls all by myself before. I've helped my mom make them before but her recipe had things crossed out and no directions so I couldn't make it out. Well all night and all morning I prepared these rolls from this new recipe. I let them rise while we went to church. When we came back from church I took a peek. The rolls hadn't risen a millimeter. I let them rise 4 more hours and nada. I decided to go ahead and bake them and see if they'd magically rise. Nope. They were the most unattractive rolls I've ever seen and tasted even worse. They had the texture of a very dense hockey puck biscuit. 

Our Easter dinner party was in an hour and I didn't know what to do.  I called Sue up on the verge of tears. She told me she had a couple of muffin mixes I could come pick up. I sent Dano over. When he came back I hurried and mixed up the mixes. One of them was a blueberry mix so I went to get the blueberry can out of the box. I reached in and lo and blueberry can. This day could not get any worse. At that point I was crying as I mixed in some nasty stale raisins I found in the cupboard. 

I felt like the biggest loser in the world on that Easter afternoon. Motherhood is a lot of things but a big chunk is cooking for your family. Welp turns out I can't cook. I can't make a roll to save my life. I can't even make blueberry muffins from a mix. AND I can't pick out a present for my husband that he won't end up taking back.  I sulked all night. We sat by Kiea and Cory at dinner and I watched him as he picked up his pretend blueberry muffin and took a bite. He looked at it funny and then asked me what was in them. I wanted to die in that moment. But hey at least I can live to tell the story. 

One good thing that happened on Easter was that Navy sat still for me while I did her hair. It was the first time we used a curling iron and I think it turned out pretty cute!

 I didn't get a great close up of the hair but this one kind of shows the back. 

This morning I woke up with a headache and I just didn't feel that great so I skipped out on the gym. I felt a little better later so I decided to head on over to the zoo. Going to the zoo burns calories my friends. Lots of walking, pushing heavy strollers, chasing toddlers, sweating to death....its great really!
Dano was able to come so it was fun!!

Brock really enjoys sitting up like a big boy instead of laying in the infant seat.

Dano can grow a fu man choo. Can you??

 Can you see the elephant right in between Navy and that random boy??

We have never done the sting ray exhibit before. It is SO cool!! We told Navy they were Mr. Ray from Finding Nemo. She kept yelling " Missa Ray Missa Ray". It was so cute. She was a little scared at first but after a while she stuck her hand in. She was too afraid to touch them though. Brock had fun splashing the water too. 

Before we went to the zoo, I made Navy some oatmeal for breakfast. I told her it was ready so she came and sat down. She stared at the bowl and exclaimed, " Ewww! Yut! Ewww! Yut!". 
Not cool. Where does she learn these things?!



Oh Lindsay.....I promise there's hope in the cooking department....I've been married for like forever....haha....and until just in the last couple of years have I started becoming comfortable with my cooking skills. I had had a few "incidences" like you in the beginning and I kind of gave up for awhile! But decided to give it a try again and have had some great successes and love cooking now :)
And as for the "getting the husband the right thing"....I totally stink at that! I always think I got the perfect thing and it never works out like I thought it would...only thing that matters is that you tried...right??!
And BTW.....I believe Navy's hair was a "success" ;)

Sam and Nicole Shreeve

hahaha oh my gosh you're hilarious! I can totally see Cory saying that, gotta love it! And nice hand placement Dano!

Megan Brown

Oh you are crazy!! You are such a good cook!!! I eat lots of your yummy dinners!! And who the heck can make rolls anyway that is what mom and Marci are for!! :) Love Navy's curls!!


Soooo funny Loo. Marci are you out there? I think we need to conduct a roll baking class don't you?


Keep trying they'll turn out eventually!! I've had many bombs and successes...don't give up! :)
You're kids are so stinking cute!

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