Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Easter morning tradition that I grew up with is waking up early in the morning and finding your Easter basket out in the backyard. We have kept to this tradition since Dano and I got married so that is how our Easter morning started. Navy thought it was the greatest thing ever that the Easter bunny left us baskets. She found hers in the bushes. After we all found our baskets we went inside to open them. Dano got me some awesome stuff and of course the kids loved their presents and candy. Dano opened his and acted as though he liked his stuff. Later I got it out of him that the Michael Jackson greatest hits CD I got him he already had. I also got him a book I thought he would like. I heard it was really funny. He read a little bit of it and turns out there was profanity in almost every sentence. Oops!! 

That was the beginning of a lovely Easter morning turning to crapsville.

The night before Easter I started making rolls I was assigned for Easter dinner. It was a new recipe that I'd never tried. In all honesty, I've never made rolls all by myself before. I've helped my mom make them before but her recipe had things crossed out and no directions so I couldn't make it out. Well all night and all morning I prepared these rolls from this new recipe. I let them rise while we went to church. When we came back from church I took a peek. The rolls hadn't risen a millimeter. I let them rise 4 more hours and nada. I decided to go ahead and bake them and see if they'd magically rise. Nope. They were the most unattractive rolls I've ever seen and tasted even worse. They had the texture of a very dense hockey puck biscuit. 

Our Easter dinner party was in an hour and I didn't know what to do.  I called Sue up on the verge of tears. She told me she had a couple of muffin mixes I could come pick up. I sent Dano over. When he came back I hurried and mixed up the mixes. One of them was a blueberry mix so I went to get the blueberry can out of the box. I reached in and lo and blueberry can. This day could not get any worse. At that point I was crying as I mixed in some nasty stale raisins I found in the cupboard. 

I felt like the biggest loser in the world on that Easter afternoon. Motherhood is a lot of things but a big chunk is cooking for your family. Welp turns out I can't cook. I can't make a roll to save my life. I can't even make blueberry muffins from a mix. AND I can't pick out a present for my husband that he won't end up taking back.  I sulked all night. We sat by Kiea and Cory at dinner and I watched him as he picked up his pretend blueberry muffin and took a bite. He looked at it funny and then asked me what was in them. I wanted to die in that moment. But hey at least I can live to tell the story. 

One good thing that happened on Easter was that Navy sat still for me while I did her hair. It was the first time we used a curling iron and I think it turned out pretty cute!

 I didn't get a great close up of the hair but this one kind of shows the back. 

This morning I woke up with a headache and I just didn't feel that great so I skipped out on the gym. I felt a little better later so I decided to head on over to the zoo. Going to the zoo burns calories my friends. Lots of walking, pushing heavy strollers, chasing toddlers, sweating to death....its great really!
Dano was able to come so it was fun!!

Brock really enjoys sitting up like a big boy instead of laying in the infant seat.

Dano can grow a fu man choo. Can you??

 Can you see the elephant right in between Navy and that random boy??

We have never done the sting ray exhibit before. It is SO cool!! We told Navy they were Mr. Ray from Finding Nemo. She kept yelling " Missa Ray Missa Ray". It was so cute. She was a little scared at first but after a while she stuck her hand in. She was too afraid to touch them though. Brock had fun splashing the water too. 

Before we went to the zoo, I made Navy some oatmeal for breakfast. I told her it was ready so she came and sat down. She stared at the bowl and exclaimed, " Ewww! Yut! Ewww! Yut!". 
Not cool. Where does she learn these things?!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It is so crazy how much hair can grow in a year!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

This weekend has been all about family. Lots and lots of family!!
Friday night we had my Dad and siblings over for a barbecue.
Megs and I made a scrumptious dinner. It was a good ole time.
 Yummy kabobs. We did cook them before we ate them.

 My dad is holding an Ariel barbie...I know

 Boys hitting up the wii.

So I have talked about how Brock's feet are blocks but seriously they are. Look. His pinky toe is the same size as his big toe. They go across in a straight line. 

Saturday (today) we had another barbecue at our house but with the Shreeve side.
I tried to grill the burgers and almost burnt our house down. Everyone was nice and said they tasted good but I know when people lie. They tasted like charred fire. Have you ever tasted that? It is not good. But everything else was so good! The kids swam and it was going smoothly until Navy went up to Nana Sue with diarrhea running down her legs. It was sickening. Sue and I squirted her down. Kiea picked up the bulk of it that fell out of the suit onto the grass with a paper towel while Dano just played frisbee. Sometimes I swear Dano lives in his own little lala land. The whole world could be burning on fire and he wouldn't have a clue. Besides the diarrhea incident everything went well and we had a ton of fun! 

The kids eaten their grub.
Navy likes to show me the food that is in her mouth lately.
Burnt hamburger.

 Testing the waters.

Cory with Lucy and Sam with Grady. I've discovered that the look on 
Sam's face is the same every time I see him. He is a goof!

 Hi Grady Cakes!

 Swimming with dad!

All of the Shreeve grandchildren.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I feel like I haven't seen my mom in forever so we went over there last night. 
Megs and Wyatt came over too so the whole gang minus Clint was there.
We ordered pizza and olive garden salad and ate to our hearts' content. 
Unfortunately, I do this hearts' content eating thing almost every night....

Anyways, it is always good to hang out with everyone. 
Nicole and Sam - my bro and sis in law- live two houses down from my mom
so whenever I go over there I like to walk down there and bug them:)
Nicole needed some plant help while I was there yesterday so I got to see them and my sweet nephew Grady.Sam and Nicole are so ridiculously cute together. Seriously they are perfect. It is crazy!

If ever your husband is nowhere to be found, double check the man cave. 
Lately, our husbands have become sucked into all those dumb war games. Luckily its a social thing only.

While trying to hang with the boys, Navy's face fell on the corner of  the TV stand.
She was very brave about it. Can you see the buddings of her first black eye??

I learned a few things about Brock last night. He is a closet stork/ballerina
(He stood like this the whole time Momma Brock was holding him)

And he likes to rest his feet on people's faces. 
Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am totally loving spring time lately.
 Everything in our yard has been blossoming and it makes our yard look happier. 
Especially after the brutal winter this past year.

 My first rose bloom of the year.

Speaking of blossoming, my little Brocky boy sure is!!
He is becoming a man right before my eyes!

Nothing studlier than a man holding his own bottle right?!
He started crawling a few weeks ago but the same day he started crawling he started pulling himself up to stand too. Is that normal?!! 

He got his first pair of real shoes yesterday because when he stands up he has curled feet and I want him to learn how to walk right. Brock's feet are like blocks. They are super wide and super short and what do ya know they had a pair of shoes at the store that were just that! I'll have to post pics soon.

On the same shopping trip I might have accidentally treated myself with a Petunia Picklebottom Diaper Bag. You have to give me a break....I've been carrying around an ugly diaper bag for the last couple of years and I'm sick of it. I want some style in my life!! I thought this one was suitable.
They were all out at the store so they are mailing it to the house. 
I am dying for it to arrive so i can move in!!!!

Oh and here is a pic of my new feather extension ha!!
 I meant to get a picture of Meg's too but I forgot so hopefully I can show you hers soon too!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

To start off the weekend, I decided that we needed to get cable...or dish I guess! Dano & I have had basic basic cable since we've been married. I'm talking local channels only. We needed to get with the times right?!! So I called the dish people up Friday night and Saturday morning at 7:45 the guy was at my house hooking that sucker up on my roof! Oh boy, have we been missing out! DVR is the most amazing contraption ever invented. Saturday night Dano & I watched 4 episodes of that new mini series The Kennedys. I kept pausing and rewinding and fastforwarding just because I could! It was so dang sweet! ...side note.... Why did I not know that John F. Kennedy was such a sleez bag?!!

Oh and I can not forget that we had a lifechanging event occur besides getting dish I mean. That morning I was bathing the kids. I always get Brock out first so Navy can play for a bit longer before I need to get her out. As I was getting Brock dressed I heard the toilet seat banging so I ran in there to tell Navy to knock it off. Turns out she was putting her potty seat on there so she could go. This never happens. I have put pretty much zero effort into potty training because I just don't feel like I'm motivated enough yet. Back to the point, she sits down and immediately goes poop. Can you believe it?! My sweet Navy May went poop all by her self in the toilet! I have never been so proud!!!  Unfortuneatly, my pride was short lived when I had to change 4 other poopy pull-ups that day.....but hey its a start!

Today we celebrated Easter with the Wells clan - my momma's side of the fam. We had a humungous feast of ham, funeral potatoes, sweet potatoes, orange rolls, Olive Garden salad, broccoli salad, corn, fruit salad, pretzel jello, and deviled eggs. Did I partake of every single item? Yes. Did I gain 10 pounds this afternoon? Haven't had the heart to check but yes I'm pretty sure.
After our feast we had an Easter Egg Hunt for the young ins. They had a ball! Watching them run around and squeal when they found an egg made me want to be young again. It looks like so much fun!
Pie was served later. Momma Brock is always in charge of pies and she goes all out. There were coconut cream pies, chocolate cream pies, a lemon cream pie and a strawberry pie. My favorite would be the coconut and boy was it worth every fatty calorie!

Here are some pics of the girls.
Lily, Navy and Neveah are all 6 months apart from each other. It has finally gotten to the point where they can all play together and they really play well. Navy had SO much fun tonight! She talked about "Leelee" and "Vaya" until she conked out on her pillow.

Brock wanted some grub too. Lily kept saying No my food!

Navy, Audrey and Naveah. Audrey is always up to date with the latest trends. She's our go to girl. She treated all of us girls with the new feather fad. I now have a feather extension in my hair! I have never felt so daring! I'll have to post a pic soon. Thanks Audrey!

I think Brock was getting on Lily's nerves tonight. He kept trying to take her stuff!

These yahoos were pounding on the piano and screaming their lungs off in the living room. We all came running thinking they were fighting or something was wrong. Turns out screaming is just singing to them. Who knew??

Don't worry. Toddlers love salsa picante fritos.
Oh wait they loved it until their mouths turned on fire and screamed "HOT....WAWA!

Chilling under the table.

I can't wait till the next get together with the Wells clan. We had such a great time and the kiddos had an even greater time! Thanks Marci for letting us trash your house!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not every day is a great one but so far today really has been! 
It all started out waking up all on my own instead of to the sound of a child crying.
It was pure bliss. I got up and actually woke my children up instead of the other way around.
Dano took the day off today so we went to the gym together.
Step Aerobics kicked my butt. It was amazing!
(It actually kicks me and Megs butts triweekly. You'd think we'd get used to it.)

After the gym, we dropped the kiddos off with Nana Sue (Dano's mom). 
She called me yesterday in need of some gardening help so today was all about that.
Dano and I went to Home Depot, my most favorite place on this Earth, and A&P Nursery to get some great things to fill an empty space in her pool area. 

Dano watched the kids while Sue and I worked hard shoveling, raking, planting , and running drip lines for the whole afternoon. It was quite refreshing. To me, there is nothing better than hurling a shovel as hard as you can into the ground and jumping up and down on it. It does the body good my friends.
It turned out great and I can't wait till everything fills in and blooms!

Here is our finished product. I'm totally digging the rose tree in the middle back. They are Peace roses which are in my opinion the most beautiful!

On the right side are plumbego bushes. When they bloom they will look like this. 

Isn't the periwinkle blue color to die for?!

And you can't tell from the picture but we planted a snail vine along the pool fence. I have snail vine in my backyard and they are gorgeous! They grow like a weed so they cover up your wall fast. I am not very patient so things that grow fast make me happy. By the end of summer it should look a little like this.

Oh how I love flowers and greenery:)

*** If anyone was wondering, I faced the vacuum lady and after another hour and a half she finally left my house. Yes she fought a great fight and yes she lowered the price over a thousand dollars to get me to buy it but I did not back down. I am proud of myself for this.