Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not every day is a great one but so far today really has been! 
It all started out waking up all on my own instead of to the sound of a child crying.
It was pure bliss. I got up and actually woke my children up instead of the other way around.
Dano took the day off today so we went to the gym together.
Step Aerobics kicked my butt. It was amazing!
(It actually kicks me and Megs butts triweekly. You'd think we'd get used to it.)

After the gym, we dropped the kiddos off with Nana Sue (Dano's mom). 
She called me yesterday in need of some gardening help so today was all about that.
Dano and I went to Home Depot, my most favorite place on this Earth, and A&P Nursery to get some great things to fill an empty space in her pool area. 

Dano watched the kids while Sue and I worked hard shoveling, raking, planting , and running drip lines for the whole afternoon. It was quite refreshing. To me, there is nothing better than hurling a shovel as hard as you can into the ground and jumping up and down on it. It does the body good my friends.
It turned out great and I can't wait till everything fills in and blooms!

Here is our finished product. I'm totally digging the rose tree in the middle back. They are Peace roses which are in my opinion the most beautiful!

On the right side are plumbego bushes. When they bloom they will look like this. 

Isn't the periwinkle blue color to die for?!

And you can't tell from the picture but we planted a snail vine along the pool fence. I have snail vine in my backyard and they are gorgeous! They grow like a weed so they cover up your wall fast. I am not very patient so things that grow fast make me happy. By the end of summer it should look a little like this.

Oh how I love flowers and greenery:)

*** If anyone was wondering, I faced the vacuum lady and after another hour and a half she finally left my house. Yes she fought a great fight and yes she lowered the price over a thousand dollars to get me to buy it but I did not back down. I am proud of myself for this. 


Keith and Courtney

You have one of the greenest thumbs I know! I like to think that I know how to garden, but I really don't.


It turned out so beautiful! I cannot wait to see it all grow in. Plus, being that the plan is for that to be my house in a few short years, I'm very appreciative of your green thumb sprucing up that corner:)

Megan Brown

I think that class will always kick our butts!! Thats good!! Beach bodies here we come!! Love the plants! To bad we don't have anymore room to plant things at our houses!!

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