Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am totally loving spring time lately.
 Everything in our yard has been blossoming and it makes our yard look happier. 
Especially after the brutal winter this past year.

 My first rose bloom of the year.

Speaking of blossoming, my little Brocky boy sure is!!
He is becoming a man right before my eyes!

Nothing studlier than a man holding his own bottle right?!
He started crawling a few weeks ago but the same day he started crawling he started pulling himself up to stand too. Is that normal?!! 

He got his first pair of real shoes yesterday because when he stands up he has curled feet and I want him to learn how to walk right. Brock's feet are like blocks. They are super wide and super short and what do ya know they had a pair of shoes at the store that were just that! I'll have to post pics soon.

On the same shopping trip I might have accidentally treated myself with a Petunia Picklebottom Diaper Bag. You have to give me a break....I've been carrying around an ugly diaper bag for the last couple of years and I'm sick of it. I want some style in my life!! I thought this one was suitable.
They were all out at the store so they are mailing it to the house. 
I am dying for it to arrive so i can move in!!!!

Oh and here is a pic of my new feather extension ha!!
 I meant to get a picture of Meg's too but I forgot so hopefully I can show you hers soon too!!


Keith and Courtney

Hello diaper bag! Oh, you are going to love it! I've been looking at those lately too. I really like the look of that particular bag. It so stylish. You'll have to tell me how you like it.
And your feather looks lovely.
See ya!

Megan Brown

Your like a blogging queen, I feel like a loser! Love the plants, love my buddha, & love the feathers!! :)

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