Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yesterday there was a knock on the door. Two nice looking people were waiting behind it. They informed me that they were giving away free carpet shampoos for one room in the house if I gave them referrals to other people. I had a crying baby in one arm and  one leg held up on the door frame so Navy wouldn't bolt out the I said yes to make them hurry and go away. The nice lady came over today. To my disappointment they were not a carpet cleaning company, which was my original thought. They were trying to sell me a CARPET CLEANER. 

So, for an hour and a half she was showing me numerous contraptions on this amazing vacuum/carpet cleaner/broom/mop/any type of cleaner your house could possibly need. Don't get me wrong, this machine is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life. It sucked up probably a pound of dust, dirt and crap from just my family room rug and got out sicknasty newborn diarrhea stains on the carpet in Brock's room. It is AMAZING. But soon enough, the conversation of price came up and all my hopes and dreams were shot down. This fabulous vacuum is over $2,000 my friends. 

If i bought that sucker Dano would KILL me.

She wouldn't leave without me buying it. I tried to tell her every excuse known to man but of course, she would not back down. I finally got her to leave but she decided to leave the vacuum here so I could stare at it till Dano got home so that she can come back to get it and talk him into buying it. 

I told Dano this over the phone after she left. He told me to call her and tell her we can't afford it. I am sitting here....stressing more than I have about anything. I feel as though I would like to throw myself in front of a bus right now. I HATE dealing with these people. It is so hard for me to get rid of them. Please someone HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This will sound totally mean, but you need to be firm.
Just look at her and say "Lady, I know you want to sell this. But you cant sell it to me. I know i cant afford it. So you need to pack it up and get out of my house now. Thanks for your time and getting all that poop out of the carpet."

or something like that. :)

Megan Brown

Oh balls!! Not again sister! I'm having flashbacks of the cruise! Haha!!

Keith and Courtney

I hate dealing with pushy sales people too! My sister actually bought one of those when she first got married. They regretted spending that much right away, they knew they'd been had. But, to this day they still love their Kirby.
Hey, do you still have the vacuum at your house? Can I borrow it? JUST KIDDING! :)


Ughh I hate those people! I used to be one of those telemarketers that would ask for surveys, so I'm pretty kind to those people usually, because it freakin' SUCKS having to do phone surveys. But when I was younger, my mom let this guy in to clean the carpets and he wouldn't LEAVE! It was so frustrating. I can understand that that stuff sucks, but I can't afford to pay $2,000 for a dang vacuum. Ugh.

Alexa Mae

Girl, I will call her for you. I know it's so hard but it's like passing those annoying stands in the mall when people try to stop you when you're clearly busy. Just say...NO. ha! Like you would to drugs. ;) Don't feel bad, they are used to it. But you will get sucked in like my Mom did with that vacuum 15 years ago. She paid for it for years. She loved it but seriously? Go buy yourself a Dyson! LOL

Bree and Bryce

Haha Bryce and I have that exact vacuum...we got it on craigslist for $75. It's amazing, but anyone who spends $2000 on a vacuum is crazy!

Ps...your kiddos are to die for!

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