Monday, October 19, 2009

Fabric & Pups

Today Megan & I headed on over to our newly beloved JoAnn Fabrics.

We have been sewing ...well more like Mama Brock has been sewing curtains for our new houses.
Anyways, as all of you craftly ladies know, this week is Midnight Madness.
So we walked in the store, coupons in hand.
Fabric was picked out and cut in the first 15 minutes of our shopping trip.
Guess how the next fourty five minutes in JoAnn's was spent????

The saddest part about that is that there was only one lady in front of us.
A more "mature" lady was arguing with the guy about her coupon and the total on the receipt.
 The guy was a mute..didn't utter a word...just stared at the receipt FOREVER!
This went on for about fifteen minutes.
Meanwhile, twenty othere people got in line behind us.
The dude finally had the brains to call for backup and the manager came up to help.
The "mature" lady was helped within a minute and it was finally our turn.

The guy took our yellow receipt and scanned it.
Just our luck! Only one item came up so he had to type everything else in by hand.
I've never in my life seen someone type that slow.
Navy could've done it faster!
Megan was getting so impatient and angry I could see fire in her eyes and could hear her blood boiling!
She grabs the receipt from the guy and starts doing it herself!
Manager lady steps in and tells the guy she will finish our ticket.
Its finished in one milasecond!
We leave.
We will never go back to JoAnn Fabrics on Gilbert & Southern.

On a lighter note
Navy is getting to know the pups!


Friday, October 16, 2009

The 2 Newest Shreeves

There are two new additions to the Shreeve family!!


Rolo and Oreo

(Please excuse that I look like a complete darrell and have a dumb
 piece of bang glued to my sweaty forehead)

Ryder's friend Hunter had 8 puppies so we went and looked at them the other day and just had to have them! After A LOT of convincing I talked Dano into getting two! (So they had a playmate of course!)
Rolo is a male and Oreo is a female!

Mama Brock got a pup too.
Her name is Lexus and she loves playing with her brother and sister!

They got tired after exploring the backyard. Aren't they so cute!!


Navy is 7 months now!
She is so fun and such a happy baby!

She loves bath time!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Keep Mr. C in Your Prayers

My friend Alex's hubby is in the hospital and has suffered a stroke.
Click here to find out more.
Please keep her family in your prayers!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I entered Dano in the HOTTEST HUSBAND CONTEST on my BFF Lauren's Blog!!
Unfortunely just because we are best friends doesn't mean Dano can win so you have to vote!!!

Go HERE to vote for Dano!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh Chic Country French Painted Toile Camel Back Settee, you are absolutely perfect for my living room!
I wish so badly that I could afford you!!!