Wednesday, April 13, 2011

If you scroll down these pictures you will notice one person who is constant ( besides myself).
My BFF Lar!!!!
I just feel like giving a shout out to my dearest friend.
I have known this sweet gal since before I could talk and she really has been the best.
No matter how many years go by we can get together and its like no time has gone by.
Almost every day I get a random, hilarious text from her that makes me burst into 
hysterical fits of laughter which lightens my mood considerably.
I love you friend:)

Also, I would like to brag that BFF Lar totally spoiled me for my birthday this year!
First, she got me the awesomest present ever!
Second, she took me to brunch to our favorite place ever! Cracker's!
And last but not least, we caught a flick at the movies!
May I just say Lar, that day was one of the greatest of my life with children 
because 5 hours without my kids was heaven!! Ha!

Anyways, thanks for always being the friend I've needed! XOXO



Haha, I think it's awesome that I can recognize both of you in these pictures- it's not often that you have that constant of a friend your entire life! I love the love you two have for each other. :)

And a completely random side note: I randomly have doppelganger flashes for people, and I just realized who reminded me of you. I hope you're not offended or anything, because I think that both of you are absolutely GORGEOUS. Lacey Schwimmer from Dancing with the Stars (and So You Think You Can Dance):


First, I have to say that this made me cry. I love you friend. I am so glad we are bosom friends. I was telling my therapist today about you and how we have never even had a fight...ever! That is amazing considering we have been friends for 22 years! Soul sisterssss!

Also, it's amazing I survived growing up. Look at those clothes! WOOF.

Alexa Mae

So so cute!! Both of you. Little Lindsay Loo you have always been so beautiful. Isn't it amazing to have a friend like that for so long? You two are lucky...and adorable.

I miss you too! I was at Target yesterday!! LOL Next time, text me and see if I'm there or on my way. We can sit in the "food court" and catch up. Love ya.


this is so sweet. i just followed you over here from lauren's blog. i've been thinking a lot of the frienships in my life lately, so this post couldn't have come at a better time! yay for awesome friends! :)

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