Tuesday, November 9, 2010


A couple of weekends ago we headed to Idaho to visit my brother Clint and his fabulous wife Haylee!
We flew up to Salt Lake and drove from there 2 hours to little ole Pocatello.
Haylee and Clint go to Idaho State University and live in a really cute apartment just a short walk away from campus. It was so great to see them and we had so much fun!
beware: picture overload

Navy covered my face with her blankie. I guess she didn't
want me in the picture?
 Navy and Brock did great on their first plane ride! Navy colored, watched movies and kept climbing on the back of her seat to see Grandma and the boys

tying up the baby carrier
 While we were up there Clint and Haylee wanted to show us their favorite pet store. Navy was in heaven. She loves animals!

future parents:)

                             Clint and Haylee both had home games so we got to see them in action.

clint is snapping the ball

 navy LOVED the mascot!

                              We also celebrated Clint's birthday while we were there. Happy 25th!!
These two yahoos slept most of the trip

And  I can't forget Navy's animal friends she made...

This squirrel was always in their backyard.  Navy and Haylee fed her granola and she kept coming back for more!

Navy's turtle friend