Friday, April 22, 2011

I feel like I haven't seen my mom in forever so we went over there last night. 
Megs and Wyatt came over too so the whole gang minus Clint was there.
We ordered pizza and olive garden salad and ate to our hearts' content. 
Unfortunately, I do this hearts' content eating thing almost every night....

Anyways, it is always good to hang out with everyone. 
Nicole and Sam - my bro and sis in law- live two houses down from my mom
so whenever I go over there I like to walk down there and bug them:)
Nicole needed some plant help while I was there yesterday so I got to see them and my sweet nephew Grady.Sam and Nicole are so ridiculously cute together. Seriously they are perfect. It is crazy!

If ever your husband is nowhere to be found, double check the man cave. 
Lately, our husbands have become sucked into all those dumb war games. Luckily its a social thing only.

While trying to hang with the boys, Navy's face fell on the corner of  the TV stand.
She was very brave about it. Can you see the buddings of her first black eye??

I learned a few things about Brock last night. He is a closet stork/ballerina
(He stood like this the whole time Momma Brock was holding him)

And he likes to rest his feet on people's faces. 
Happy Friday!!


Nate + Cait

Seriously! Brock is the cutest little boy I have ever seen! He is just such a little stud! It makes me SOO excited to have a little boy!

Megan Brown

I stuffed myself too!! Not good!! Brock just might be a future ballerina!!

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