Saturday, April 23, 2011

This weekend has been all about family. Lots and lots of family!!
Friday night we had my Dad and siblings over for a barbecue.
Megs and I made a scrumptious dinner. It was a good ole time.
 Yummy kabobs. We did cook them before we ate them.

 My dad is holding an Ariel barbie...I know

 Boys hitting up the wii.

So I have talked about how Brock's feet are blocks but seriously they are. Look. His pinky toe is the same size as his big toe. They go across in a straight line. 

Saturday (today) we had another barbecue at our house but with the Shreeve side.
I tried to grill the burgers and almost burnt our house down. Everyone was nice and said they tasted good but I know when people lie. They tasted like charred fire. Have you ever tasted that? It is not good. But everything else was so good! The kids swam and it was going smoothly until Navy went up to Nana Sue with diarrhea running down her legs. It was sickening. Sue and I squirted her down. Kiea picked up the bulk of it that fell out of the suit onto the grass with a paper towel while Dano just played frisbee. Sometimes I swear Dano lives in his own little lala land. The whole world could be burning on fire and he wouldn't have a clue. Besides the diarrhea incident everything went well and we had a ton of fun! 

The kids eaten their grub.
Navy likes to show me the food that is in her mouth lately.
Burnt hamburger.

 Testing the waters.

Cory with Lucy and Sam with Grady. I've discovered that the look on 
Sam's face is the same every time I see him. He is a goof!

 Hi Grady Cakes!

 Swimming with dad!

All of the Shreeve grandchildren.


Mrs. Ali

That is so cool Lindsay! And your kids are stinkin adorable!


Cutest little baby feet EVER!! What a fun time- makes me miss sunny AZ so bad!

Sam and Nicole Shreeve

Haha you are so right about Sam's face! Thanks for having us over it was fun! Can't wait til the cousins can all actually play together :)


What cute kiddos all those Shreeve kids are!
Sounds like you had a fun Easter weekend!
I'm with you on the block feet! D and T both have them...we call them Flinstone feet!


Great Easter pics! those Shreeve grandkids are super cute for sure.....I'm sure it has nothing to do with their cute moms...haha :)

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