Sunday, April 17, 2011

To start off the weekend, I decided that we needed to get cable...or dish I guess! Dano & I have had basic basic cable since we've been married. I'm talking local channels only. We needed to get with the times right?!! So I called the dish people up Friday night and Saturday morning at 7:45 the guy was at my house hooking that sucker up on my roof! Oh boy, have we been missing out! DVR is the most amazing contraption ever invented. Saturday night Dano & I watched 4 episodes of that new mini series The Kennedys. I kept pausing and rewinding and fastforwarding just because I could! It was so dang sweet! ...side note.... Why did I not know that John F. Kennedy was such a sleez bag?!!

Oh and I can not forget that we had a lifechanging event occur besides getting dish I mean. That morning I was bathing the kids. I always get Brock out first so Navy can play for a bit longer before I need to get her out. As I was getting Brock dressed I heard the toilet seat banging so I ran in there to tell Navy to knock it off. Turns out she was putting her potty seat on there so she could go. This never happens. I have put pretty much zero effort into potty training because I just don't feel like I'm motivated enough yet. Back to the point, she sits down and immediately goes poop. Can you believe it?! My sweet Navy May went poop all by her self in the toilet! I have never been so proud!!!  Unfortuneatly, my pride was short lived when I had to change 4 other poopy pull-ups that day.....but hey its a start!

Today we celebrated Easter with the Wells clan - my momma's side of the fam. We had a humungous feast of ham, funeral potatoes, sweet potatoes, orange rolls, Olive Garden salad, broccoli salad, corn, fruit salad, pretzel jello, and deviled eggs. Did I partake of every single item? Yes. Did I gain 10 pounds this afternoon? Haven't had the heart to check but yes I'm pretty sure.
After our feast we had an Easter Egg Hunt for the young ins. They had a ball! Watching them run around and squeal when they found an egg made me want to be young again. It looks like so much fun!
Pie was served later. Momma Brock is always in charge of pies and she goes all out. There were coconut cream pies, chocolate cream pies, a lemon cream pie and a strawberry pie. My favorite would be the coconut and boy was it worth every fatty calorie!

Here are some pics of the girls.
Lily, Navy and Neveah are all 6 months apart from each other. It has finally gotten to the point where they can all play together and they really play well. Navy had SO much fun tonight! She talked about "Leelee" and "Vaya" until she conked out on her pillow.

Brock wanted some grub too. Lily kept saying No my food!

Navy, Audrey and Naveah. Audrey is always up to date with the latest trends. She's our go to girl. She treated all of us girls with the new feather fad. I now have a feather extension in my hair! I have never felt so daring! I'll have to post a pic soon. Thanks Audrey!

I think Brock was getting on Lily's nerves tonight. He kept trying to take her stuff!

These yahoos were pounding on the piano and screaming their lungs off in the living room. We all came running thinking they were fighting or something was wrong. Turns out screaming is just singing to them. Who knew??

Don't worry. Toddlers love salsa picante fritos.
Oh wait they loved it until their mouths turned on fire and screamed "HOT....WAWA!

Chilling under the table.

I can't wait till the next get together with the Wells clan. We had such a great time and the kiddos had an even greater time! Thanks Marci for letting us trash your house!


Megan Brown

Woohoo for Navs!! She is starting to get it! And our family rocks!! Such a fun time, and the kiddos are the cutest!! Audrey is awesome,I love my feathers!!

Cody and Lexie

Oh Lindsay I am so glad you got pic.!!! Yeah that was a lot of fun glad all the kids are getting old enough to play together!! And so sorry my baby screamed the whole night!!!...And now I am feeling sad I dont have a feather!! Thanks you guys!! LOVE the Wells Fam.!!

Keith and Courtney

What a fun time. Sounds like your family enjoys all of my favorite foods. Yum!
I can't wait to see your feather extension. I think they look so cool.


That was fun! We need to find a reason to have another party soon!


I want some pie. Does Mama Brock have anymore? haha!

ashley wright

I seriously can't believe how big your kids are!!! THeyre so beautiful! Glad things are going great!!



Wow I guess I haven't checked your blog in awhile! So many great pics! I love that you have such a green thumb....the plants looked amazing :) And the Kirby vacuum post was making me laugh cuz I've been there! You learn just to be straight up with them right off! And the lotion Kiosk people at superstition mall need to stay in their own space and stop getting in mine! ;)

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