Saturday, April 9, 2011

Zoo Fun

 I haven't posted in SO LONG! So here is a little update. I'm way behind but this is the most recent outing we have been on. Last month Megan and I took Brock and Navy to the zoo. Navy has been obsessed with the Lion King lately so she was way stoked to see "Simba".

Here is Navy pumped up on the car ride there!

Navy and her monkey friend

We've been to the zoo a few times but have never fed the giraffes. This was our first time and it was so worth it! I don't like animals really ....any sort. I mean I can look at them but I hate to touch anything so I was afraid. But they are so pretty upclose. They have the longest thickest lashes I've ever seen! It freaked me out a tad when their mile long tongue wrapped around the food but it was pretty cool!

Brock thought it was no big deal

Navy thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Here is "Simba". This was the first time we saw him awake at the zoo. He was roaring and everything.

Brock's first carousel ride

We had a grand ol' time! If you don't have a zoo pass you should get one! I paid $80 for a gets me, a guest adult and my 2 kids in for free. Great deal!


Megan Brown

Woo hoo! You posted!! So fun! We need to go back to do the other half before it get to hot!!

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