Friday, May 13, 2011

When you give a 2 year old blackberries....

What does she do with them???

Rubs them all over her body of course!

This is what a typical dinner looks like at our house. 
A filthy body from head to toe!

The other night Dano discovered a pigeon's nest in a little nook by the roof in the backyard.

There was a cute little egg inside.

Dano thinks that pigeons are the spawn of Satan. He hates them with every fiber of his being so he destroyed the nest. Being a mother I felt sad that she would come back to find her egg and nest taken. It's sad right?! But then again I don't really want a pigeon living in our roof. We washed the egg and let Navy play with it because she kept calling it her baby birdy egg. She loved that egg. Unfortunately it broke 2 minutes later, so that was the end of that.

Last night we went over to my mom's to say hello for a little bit. 
She has discovered a new love of jumping all over Ryder.
So that is what she did.  For a very long time.
Uncle Ryder is a very good sport.

 Here is my Brockster just because.

So potty training has been put on hold lately because I just don't feel like cleaning up accidents all day. Navy is going through a "I have to do everything by myself" phase. (I don't think this phase will ever end though if she is anything like me)

Anyways, for the last few days Navy has been changing her own diapers.
She mostly does it when I'm not looking of course.  But she takes off her diaper when it is wet and puts a new one on all by herself. This morning was the first time she did it with a poopy diaper. I found her in the bathroom sitting on Mr. Froggy (her frog potty chair). There was an already pooped in diaper laying on the floor along with her shorts. So basically she pooped in her diaper, then hurried to her potty to poop some more. Then she insisted on pouring it into the big toilet and flushing it all by herself.  
Does this mean she is ready to be potty trained??!!

I just heard the sound of lots of water being poured all over the floor in the other room. Followed by a big thud and some crying........Guess I'd better go investigate.



Cory also hates pigeons...whenever they are out in the backyard he gets his air soft gun and goes hunting...when we had the chicken coup he taught Kingston how to trap them in the coup and attack them. Kingston would show up at my feet with a dead bird. I was horrified; Cory was proud. I think it's a guy thing.

Oh, and I think it's fantastic that she tries to change her own diaper. What a big girl!

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