Monday, May 16, 2011

Three of my friends all got married on the same weekend. 
That is what occupied our time the last couple of days.

Mark and Tia got married on Friday the 13th. We went to Tia's reception at the Wright House. It was beautiful of course. They had all kinds of yummy food and candy and the decor and flowers were so pretty! She was a lovely bride.

Mark's reception was in his bride's parent's backyard. 
They live in the most gorgeous neighborhood, my dream neighborhood actually, so of course it was wonderful looking! I was obsessing over all the pretty twinkling lights everywhere.
Him and his bride Amber looked great and super happy! 
Megs, myself, and Lar at Mark's reception.

Saturday one of my best friends Cecily got hitched.
I did her makeup for the wedding so the day got started at 7am. Then we were off to the temple by 8:30 for the sealing at 9. After that was the luncheon at 11.
She had the luncheon at the Wright House and it was so pretty! I was in love with her center pieces! Dano was in love with the food. They had Tia Rosa's cater and it was divine!!
Right after the luncheon they had to catch a flight. They were off on their honeymoon to HAWAII for a whole week! What a lucky girl! I bet they are having a blast!

Cecily was one of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen ( and not just because I did her makeup!! ha!). During the sealing ceremony I got all teary. I watched my Cec-squwatch grow up into the beautiful young woman she is now and I am just so proud of her. She couldn't have chosen a better husband. He loves her so much. I was dying over the way he was looking at her from across the altar. 
He was mesmorized. 
It was beautiful and precious.
I love you Cec! Congratulations!!
 Doesn't she look flawless??!

                           Lachelle and I, and the fab center pieces. Lachelle is Cec's sis-in-law and my friend! We used to dance together back in the day. She is my new favorite person because I left Navy's sippy full of milk at the store she works at. Guess who returned it to me squeaky clean and not full of rotten stinky milk?? Lachelle! 
Love her!

Megs and Wy
Mmmm food was delish...I can still taste it.
We all had lots of fun celebrating!
Hurray for getting married!!
(My sister informed me the other day that hurray is really spelled "hooray" but I don't believe it.)


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