Monday, May 9, 2011

This is what I woke up to on Mother's Day morning.

Navy and Dano made a yummy breakfast for me. I thought it was such a sweet gesture. 
And yes I got my pedicure gift certificate! Woohoo! My feet are so excited! 
(My mom got me one also so my feet will be happy for a while!)

After breakfast I put on a movie and made Navy hold still while I did her hair.
It is one of my new favorite things and since it was Mother's Day
everyone must oblige to my wishes.
(I might have made Dano change every dirty diaper that day. It was my day after all.)


our way 
to church!

 After church we went to the Shreeves to talk to Jake. He is on a church mission in Denmark.
It was so great to talk to him. We all miss him. He gets home in 6 months so we'll get to see him soon!

All of the men made us all Sunday dinner. I have to admit we were all quite worried, but to everyone's surprise it was actually quite delicious! They made grilled steak and chicken, some yummy potatoes, corn, salad, and jello. Pretty impressive for a bunch of crazy dudes. 

  Jake was on the phone for 5 hours at least. The babies got a little worn out!

My momma had to work on Mother's Day so Megs and I made her dinner Saturday night. I forgot to take pics so I don't have any unfortunately.  My mom is the most beautiful and talented and most wonderful person I know. I'm so lucky she is mine! Love you Mom!

Tonight was our Spring Neighborhood Block Party.  My fabulous neighbors Jackie and Ann throw these a few times a year. It is the greatest! I love seeing all of the neighbors and getting to know them better. It is full of great food and fun! This time they rented a jumpy jump with a slide. Navy couldn't get enough! She was afraid at first but after a few minutes she got brave and wouldn't come out! She had a blast!

Brock was a little bummed he couldn't participate....maybe next year buddy!!!


Megan Brown

I had know idea Dano could make pancakes! That is impressive! Love the curlers, I didn't know you tried them out! Navs hair looks to cute!! I have a couple pics from moms, but we need to take more pics!!

Mrs. Ali

We got to talk to my borther Nick for 3 hours!! It was so awesome! ;)

Kalli and Nate

Husband of the year :) That breakfast looks delicious, and I love your kiddos! they are adorable.


I am jealous you live in my old neighborhood. I think i will convince Chase that we need to move back over there. Then we could be neighbors!

Keith and Courtney

Glad you had a nice Mother's Day. That breakfast looks yummy!


What a yummy breakfast!!
I can't believe Jake comes home in 5 months! That flew least for me!


Awww you made me teary Loo . . . love you too!!!

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